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Become a Community Revitalization Partner

Community Revitalization Partners (Sponsors)

Community revitalization partners are comprised of corporations, foundations, congregations and civic associations that fund our mission to transform lives, improve homes and revitalize communities in Richmond and the Tri-Cities. By investing in Rebuilding Together Richmond, your organization joins a network of allies dedicated to making a difference in the lives of low-income homeowners and the communities that we serve.
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Adopt A House/Community Space

Along with providing financial support, partnering organizations can choose to adopt a house/community space during National Rebuilding Day, Fall Fix-Up Day or as a Partner Build project. They can serve as a volunteer team to provide the repairs for a project that is uniquely suited to the team’s skill level.

Partnering Without Volunteers

If you would like to become a community revitalization partner but do not have a team of volunteers, we can layer your funding on top of other partners’ support to ensure the highest level of impact. Partnership levels range in cost, depending on your area of interest and specific needs that exist in our communities. Please call us to discuss your interests!

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For questions, please contact us at: (804) 447-3841 or by email at: [email protected].

Our partners

Our community revitalization partners are businesses, individuals, churches, civic associations, and other non-profit organizations that provide both volunteer and financial support for National Rebuilding Day. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the many organizations and others who have given their support each year.  Without their help, this program would not be possible.

…and a host of other partners and skilled laborers.

our work is made possible by our generous partners, including

Capital One
Nationwide Insurance Foundation