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Meet Our New Intern! Jasmin Vaughan

//Meet Our New Intern! Jasmin Vaughan

In October, we became a field placement site for VCU’s School of Social Work. We are pleased to have Jasmin Vaughan, first year graduate student, as our social work intern for the school year.

RTR: Why did you decide to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work?

JV: I’ve always had a passion to help people – and during my year between undergrad and graduate school, I volunteered for numerous organizations serving the geriatric and disabled population. My in-depth volunteerism throughout the years influenced my decision to go back to school in order to understand how to effectively serve that population.

RTR: How has your experience with RTR been so far?

JV: I’m still fairly new to the organization. In fact, I had no prior experience working in affordable housing – but it’s been quite an informative and exciting experience. I enjoy interacting with the homeowners – most of them have been gracious and hopeful to receive much needed home repairs. I’m grateful to play a role in helping those in need.  

RTR: How do you think this experience will help you in the long run?

JV: I believe this experience will propel me to become a well-rounded advocate within my community for under-served and under-privileged individuals. I will walk away equipped with the skills to enact change not only on a personal level but on a legislative level as well.