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Lowe’s Saves the Day

//Lowe’s Saves the Day
Homeowner Story 1 - before and after

Often times it’s easy to take basic necessities for granted – such as having a home with a functional bathroom, kitchen and sturdy flooring. This was not the case for Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ernestine – they had been without these items for years.

Affectionately known by neighbors as the “walking family,” the couple have been married for 45 years and spent 10 of those years in their current home. Issues with their bathroom began immediately after moving in– the water would not run in their shower. With this inconvenience, the couple managed to bathe using their bathroom sink while an internal pipe leak compromised the integrity of the floor. Eventually the sink stopped working and they ended up using their kitchen sink. This is where we came in.

We received a personal call from Councilwoman Reva Trammell, Richmond Southside 8th Voter District, asking us to visit the couple. We performed a site visit and realized that the damage was worse than expected. The couple needed a brand new kitchen, bathroom and deck. Due to our limited funding, we normally have to decline projects of this magnitude but thanks to a $15,000 grant from Lowe’s Home Improvement and the gracious volunteers from Journey Christian Church, we were able to complete all of the repairs! Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ernestine can now enjoy their new bathroom, kitchen and deck safely.