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House Captain Spotlight: Lewis Tyler

//House Captain Spotlight: Lewis Tyler

Name: Lewis Tyler
Job Title: IT Field Service Technician
Company: WestRock

                His favorite…

        • Local Store: Lidl
        • Car: Ford F-150
        • Holiday: Thanksgiving
        • 2018 Movie: Black Panther
        • Hobbies: Watching NFL and barbecuing

                He is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan. His Sundays are reserved for great food and football.

      Work and volunteerism

      Lewis takes pride in his job at WestRock. He has been with the company for about seven and a half years. As an IT Field Service Technician, he is the first line IT support for over 300 users. His biggest accomplishment with the company happened when there was a phishing email attack. At this time of crisis, him and his team were able to clean 150 computers of the virus in one weekend without losing any data.

      “I still walk around with my chest out on that.”

      In his free time, Lewis enjoys volunteering at the FoodBank and at St. Paul’s Baptist Church. He helps spread holiday cheer by delivering Thanksgiving meals to members.
      This is his third year with Rebuilding Together Richmond. After volunteering his first year, he was inspired to take on a leadership position as a house captain. He said he saw opportunities to improve the rebuilding day process and prepare a strong team.

      “I want to make sure we are able to fulfill the needs of the homeowner.”

      What’s it like to be a House Captain?

      “The most stressful thing you can do, but the most enjoyable at the same time. It’s a balance of being stressed out and rewarded at the same time.”

      What do you look forward to in your future with Rebuilding Together Richmond?

      “I am looking forward to seeing the program grow from the 35 houses this National Rebuilding Day and doubling in the years to come to where it’s something that more people know about and will participate in.”

      What do you wish other people knew about Rebuilding Together Richmond?

      “How rewarding it is to finish the project.”