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House Captain Spotlight: Donna Schurman

//House Captain Spotlight: Donna Schurman
Donna Schurman

 Donna Schurman

Office Coordinator and Communications Manager

Virginia Community Development Corp.

Involved with Rebuilding Together Richmond: 1 year (with VCDC 4years & VCDC has been involved with RTR for many years)

Her favorite…

  • Lunch Spot: Chipotle
  • Local Restaurant: LEVEL
  • Radio Station: WCVE
  • TV Show: NCIS & Doc Martin
  • Sports Team: Richmond Flying Squirrels
  • Pastime: running, hiking, traveling, spending time with my family

About our house captain…

Work, volunteerism and more:

As office coordinator I plan a lot of events, such as: staff meeting lunches, the Annual Nite Out with Nutzy, the Asset Management Conference and the development team training and workshops.  As communications manager I coordinate and direct the efforts of any VCDC publication, such as: the Monday Morning Memo, email blasts, the annual report and right now I am working on a face lift for our website.

I’ve been volunteering for a long time.  I was in the girl scouts when I was a teenager and I remember many trips to nursing homes to visit with the elderly.  We would often assist with blood drives at the community center.  I worked for a home builder for many years and participated in a Habitat for Humanity project.  For several years I served on the Advisory Council for the VA Treatment Center for Children and today I serve as VP on the Network of Enterprising Women Board of Directors.

How did you first get involved with Rebuilding Together Richmond? 

Truth is, Mary Kay asked Bob Newman (President and CEO) if VCDC would volunteer and Bob said yes; then promptly assigned the project to me.  I didn’t mind, Bob knew I would be good at it.

What’s it like to be a House Captain?
It’s not hard work but it is rather demanding of one’s time.  The group leads are a great resource.  Beth Neathawk was my group lead and she was terrific.  She was very supportive and really, really helpful to a newbie like me.  It’s very rewarding.  I’m a softy and really bonded with my homeowner.  She was so appreciative of everything we and Rebuilding Together Richmond did for her.  I’ve heard it said that folks will work harder for praise than they will for a raise.  I think that’s true.  Yeah, I’m thankful for the paycheck that I get in return for the contribution I make.  But it is very fulfilling to get in there and work with the person you are helping and see firsthand, so up-close and personal, the impact that you make. It is super cool!

My favorite part of this experience was coming to the reception (the wrap party) and hearing the stories of the homeowners who benefited.

What do you wish other people knew about Rebuilding Together Richmond? 

I wish other people knew how much the work Rebuilding Together Richmond matters to the people it helps and how much the communities that are served are impacted.