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House Captain Spotlight: Candace Nicolls

//House Captain Spotlight: Candace Nicolls

Name: Candace Nicolls
Job Title: Senior Director, Snagger Services
Company: SnagAJob

                Her favorite…

        • Local Restaurant: The Roosevelt
        • Music Genre: Punk
        • TV Show: The X Files
        • Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys
        • Hobby: Baking

               (In fact, she loves baking so much, this past Christmas she made more than 96 dozen cookies!)

      Work and volunteerism

      Candace loves to stay busy. As Senior Director of Snagger Services at SnagAJob, she focuses on Human Resources tasks such as recruiting, administration, and development. She spends a lot of her free time volunteering.
      She is a classroom instructor for Junior Achievement and helps out with their five-week economic education program. This past year she’s been working with kindergartners to teach them the basics of money.
      May will mark her seventh year with Special Olympics Virginia where she helps athletes who are participating in the summer games. She usually works with the swimming and track and field athletes by recording their time and offering support.
      In June, she was promoted from Big Sister to Board Member for Big Brothers Big Sisters after five years of service.
      Candace is going on her seventh year with Rebuilding Together Richmond. We sparked her interest when her dad served on the board of directors of another Rebuilding Together affiliate in Northern Virginia for about 10 years. When she relocated to Richmond, she was thrilled to know that Rebuilding Together had a strong presence in the community and decided to become involved.

      “It’s the chance to make such a tremendous impact in such a short period of time. It’s very rewarding when my team and I can get to know the homeowners, get the repairs done and at the end of the day feel like we’ve made a difference.”

      What’s it like to be a House Captain?

      “Oh gosh, it’s a lot of work. I think people underestimate the amount of time and preparation of assessing what your team can do versus what your house needs.
      My favorite part is getting people excited about what we’re about to do. Every single team member that volunteers with us comes back.
      The most fulfilling part is rallying the troops.”

      What do you look forward to in your future with Rebuilding Together Richmond?

      “More homeowners. It’s so fascinating hearing people’s stories and meeting people who have been here (in Richmond) for so long and have seen it change. It builds personal relationships. I think that’s what keeps me coming back, getting to work with RTR and everybody involved is just awesome.”

      What do you wish other people knew about Rebuilding Together Richmond?

      “There is always a job for everybody. Some of the initial questions are about handiness but there’s always a job. If people are afraid, we will find a house that is the right skill level for them.”